Tuck: Story Of The 2013 NFL Draft

Usually the name jumps right out and bites you.  You know who the key figure or figures are every year.  The 2013 NFL Draft is weird.  It’s odd.  It’s kinda boring.  It’s possible that no quarterbacks and no running backs will be taken on the first night.  That, in itself, is a story.  But it’s a hard story to tell to fans who are looking for something to be interested in.

So when searching for what could emerge in a draft that could see the majority of the first round round filled with offensive linemen, defensive linemen, linebackers, and some defensive backs, who do you look to?

What if I told you it was a guy that a month ago most people would have told you he wouldn’t be drafted?

Yes, I am talking about South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore.

Citing people familiar with South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore’s (knee surgeries) rehab, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock stated on a Monday conference call that he’s heard Lattimore is “way ahead of schedule.”

“I think he’s gonna go somewhere in the third round,” said Mayock.  Mayock surprised a lot of people by ranking Lattimore as a top-five running back in this year’s class.   He tore his right ACL, PCL, and LCL on October 27 in one of the most gruesome looking injuries you’ll come across.
[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/3Fdi7KXF8yM”]
Lattimore will be easy to cheer for.  We love a great comeback story.
Former Miami Hurricanes RB Willis McGahee shredded his name in the national title game in his final play as a collegiate.  Just a few months later Buffalo took him in the first round.  He hasn’t had a Hall of Fame career, and isn’t with the Bills anymore, but he’s still playing, and that is pretty amazing when you remember this was his final college play.
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Some team will roll the dice on a chance for greatness in this draft.  Teams have risked higher picks on players with less upside in the past.  Lattimore will be talked about a lot I predict leading up to the draft.  His story.  His comeback.  And which team will take him and when.  Get ready for it.