Tuck: Ranking Ronde Barber

Ronde Barber came into the NFL in 1997 and produced a HOF career, in my opinion.  I don’t like reading blanket statements anymore than I like saying them so let’s try to gain some perspective.  Where does Ronde Barber rank as a cornerback in comparison to his contemporaries?  How many corners are that played in this era are likely to get into the Hall of Fame?  Let’s take a look.

Really good, but not bound for Canton

15. Dre’ Bly

14. Deltha O’Neal

13. Nnamdi Asomugha

12. Terrance Newman

11. Patrick Surtain

10. Chris McAllister

9. Sam Madison

Really, really good, and we’ll have to think about it

8. Antoine Winfield

7. Asante Samuel

6. Troy Vincent

The best of the best, prepare their bust for Canton

5. Darrelle Revis

4. Ronde Barber

3. Charles Woodson

2. Champ Bailey

1. Ty Law


There you have it.  A little perspective via comparison to the other great corners to play in the NFL over the last 16 years.  I chose not to include Deion Sanders or Rod Woodson because the bulk of their HOF careers had been played previous to 1997 and felt as though they led the previous generation.

You can safely say Ronde Barber is one of the five best corners of his generation and without question belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.