Tuck: NY Jets Shouldn’t Trade Darrelle Revis

So multiple sources are reporting the Jets are making CB Darrelle Revis available for trade this offseason.  Revis tore his ACL on September 23 last season against the Miami Dolphins.  Revis will be entering the final year of his deal in 2013.

So why would the Jets consider dealing their best player?

My simple answer: Because the Jets don’t know what they are doing.

Revis is 27 years old, and the best corner in the NFL.  He would require a hefty price tag on an extension, but barring his knee injury impacting him more severely than you’d suspect, he would be worth it.

If I was any of the teams drafting the 20’s (aka playoff teams) I’d be offering my first round pick for him.  Can you imagine the Ravens or 49ers defenses adding someone of his caliber?  What about the defensive-needy Packers, or the Texans?

He can be the final piece to the puzzle…right now.

So if you were to argue that the Jets are rebuilding and his talents would be wasted in New York while in his prime, what would I say?

I’d say phooey.  There is no rebuilding in the NFL.  The Colts went from 2 wins in 2011 to 11 in 2012 and now will be considered Super Bowl contenders next season.  Yes, I noticed they drafted Andrew Luck with the first pick.  But what about the Seahawks, who went from mediocre to a powerful team?  They got a new QB in the 3rd round.  And had a couple of good drafts.

Heck, even teams on the verge of the playoffs should consider a splash.  Teams like Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh.

Why can’t that be the Jets?  (you can’t use my simple answer above against me)

New York can be a completely different team next season with one solid draft and couple of smart free agent moves.  That is why it would be stupid to trade an elite player, at an impactful position when guys like him are so hard to find.  You already have him.  Keep him.

Revis probably has another solid four years of elite play in him.  You don’t trade away an asset like that if you are NY.  Plus, don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are reports that multiple teams are willing to bid and one GM reportedly called this a goldrush and compared Revis to Peyton Manning or Reggie White.  I think the audience is telling you how valuable he is.