Tuck: NFL’s Most And Least Popular Players

Forbe’s survey of NFL Most-Liked Players

1. Troy Polumalu (63 percent appeal rating)
T-2. Drew Brees (62 percent)
T-2. Charles Woodson (62 percent)
4. Peyton Manning (59 percent)
T-5. Aaron Rodgers (58 percent)
T-5. Rob Gronkowski (58 percent)
T-7. Donald Driver (57 percent)
T-7. Robert Griffin III (57 percent)
T-7. Brian Urlacher (57 percent)
10. Matt Stafford (56 percent)

NFL Least-Liked Players

1. Ndamukong Suh (19 percent appeal rating)
2. Jay Cutler (21 percent)
3. Mike Vick (23 percent)
4. Randy Moss (24 percent)
5. Matt Leinart (26 percent)
T-6. Kyle Orton (27 percent)
T-6. Tony Romo (27 percent)
8. Santonio Holmes (28 percent)
T-10. Mark Sanchez (31 percent)
T-10. Brady Quinn (31 percent)


First, it’s weird Tim Tebow didn’t make either list.  Very weird.

Second, it’s weird people don’t like backup quarterbacks.  3 made the list (and yes, I am aware Quinn is now starting for KC).  Does Orton get backlash for keeping Tebow on the bench last year?  Was it the neckbeard?  What’s the deal there?

Third, in some cases I have to believe college football status contributed.  Leinart, Quinn, and RGIII jump out.

Fourth, no Tom Brady?  No Ray Lewis?  No Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald or Darrelle Revis or Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger or Reggie Bush or Cam Newton?  Surprising those guys didn’t make one list or the other.

Fifth, Suh is really ahead of Vick?  Perhaps hurting humans is worse than hurting dogs.

Sixth, anyone else think it’s odd Charles Woodson made the list, let alone finished as high as he did?

Finally, players I love.  Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Megatron, Fitzgerald, Patrick Willis, Antoine Winfield, and Adrian Peterson.

Players I hate?  Really nobody, but if you screw me in fantasy I won’t like you.  And as a Dolphins fan, if you play for the Bills, Pats, or Jets I probably root against you.

Feel free to list your loves and hates in the comments.  Always curious what does and doesn’t appeal to people.