Tuck: NFL Trades I’d Like To See In 2013

The NFL Trade Deadline is October 29.  Incredibly, we’ve already seen a handful of trades this year.  Why stop?  There are some teams clearly rebuilding, and others that should be.  There are plenty of contenders that could use a player or two to put them over the top or at least improve on a glaring weakness.  Here are some trades I’d like to see happen.


Larry Fitzgerald to New England for a 2014 1st round pick and a future conditional 3rd round pick

Why?  Because Tom Brady only has so many years left and his receiving group is a joke.  I know Larry is awesome, and if you’re Arizona this is tough, but you can’t build a title team around a wide receiver.   A win-win-win for all parties.

Josh Gordon to Detroit for a 3rd round pick.

Why?  Because the Lions desperately need a legit threat opposite of Calvin Johnson.  And for the value, this is tough to beat.  For Cleveland, if you don’t trust his character, and they know him better than any other team, then get rid of him now, and use the pick to rebuild the offense.

Tony Gonzalez to Seattle for a 5th round pick.

Why?  I know Gonzo has said no trade.  The Falcons have said no trade.  And everyone talking trade keeps saying Kansas City, even though the Chiefs have said no trade.  But if a deal is to go down, and Tony wants a crack at a Super Bowl, this is the perfect fit.  The Seahawks have a glaring need for a chain-mover, and that is exactly what Gonzalez would give them.  Atlanta is going nowhere and hopefully they do what is best for Tony and themselves.

Kenny Britt to New Orleans for a 7th round pick.

Why?  Because the Saints are lacking a deep threat.  I don’t believe in Robert Meachum or any of the rookies.  Use a late round pick on somebody that has that big play burst who could assist your offense and if he turns his once-promising career around you have a steal.  For Tennessee, getting something for nothing is worth it.

Fred Jackson to Cincinnati for a conditional 4th round pick.

Why?  The Bengals can’t keep trotting out the Lawfirm for 3 yards a carry.  Gio Benard is the future, but hardly reliable at this point.  Fred Jackson still has some juice, and can handle a 50-50 split and goal-line work.  Buffalo is cashing in on the 31-year old getting off to a good start this year.

Ziggy Hood to Chicago for a 5th round pick.

Why?  The Bears have lost a pair of defensive tackles this year, and need the help.  Hood is going to the bench in Pittsburgh for a Steelers team going nowhere and in need of future help.

Greg Little to Carolina for a 7th round pick.

Why?  Because Cam Newton has nobody to throw to outside of Steve Smith and Greg Olsen.  It’s a small investment in hopes that a change of scenery sparks Little, who has talent, but struggles to catch the ball.  (Good thing he isn’t required to do that for his job joke inserted here.)  For Cleveland, just moving on and getting something for nothing.


Others I’d trade if I could:

Santonio Holmes, DeAngelo Williams, Cortland Finnegan, Darnell Dockett, Maurice Jones-Drew, Justin Tuck, Antrel Rolle, Matt Cassel, Asante Samuel