Tuck: NFL Preseason Excitement

Here is what I am most looking forward to, as a NFL fan, as the 2012 preseason opens.

1. Peyton Manning- Aren’t we all curious what he’ll look like, what he’ll throw like, how he’ll bounce back up when he is hit and knocked down?

2. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III- I don’t think I’ve been as excited about two rookie quarterbacks in quite some time.  Both bring something to the table, and I am eager to find out exactly how much.

3. Trent Richardson- What a bummer.  Wanted to see if he could carry NFL defenders they way he did SEC ones.

4. Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens- What do you guys have left in the tank?

5. AJ Green and Julio Jones- Encore anyone?

6. Adrian Peterson- Crossing fingers he is fine and continues on his HOF path.

7. Brandon Marshall, Brandon Lloyd, and Vincent Jackson- Can you guys be difference-makers with a change of scenary?

8. Tim Tebow- Give me some credit for waiting this long to list him, right?  I am curious how they’ll use him and what the success rate will be like in New York.

9. Matt Forte, Fred Jackson, and Jamal Charles- Just want to make sure you guys are alright before I go investing a high fantasy draft pick in you, okay?

10. All the QB battles- Miami, Seattle, Tennessee…well, that’s really it.  I’d have to be really sick to care about Arizona or maybe Jacksonville when the winner, really isn’t much of a winner.

11. What I don’t know yet- The undrafted future star, or the rookie who is better than advertised, or the veteran we gave up on too soon.