Tuck: NFL Coaching Hot Seats

It’s December, and as the temperatures around the country drop, the coaching seats begin to warm up in the NFL.  Amazingly enough, not one coach has been fired yet, but many are bound to be looking for work over the next couple of months.


Mike Munchak, Tennessee- Just his second season, but the team went backward.

Romeo Crennel, Kansas City- The interim got the job last year with a strong close, but may be time to go in a completely different direction.

Jim Schwartz, Detroit- Playoffs last year, and disaster this year, not to mention players in trouble and undisciplined far too often.

Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona- Has a Super Bowl trip on his resume, but team seems to come up with one failed move after the next.

Dennis Allen, Oakland- Young and in first season, but may end up with worst record in the league.


Pat Schurmur, Cleveland- New management should doom him, but his team is playing well of late which could make it interesting.

Ron Rivera, Carolina- Fair or unfair, but lack of progress of year two with Cam Newton disappoints many.

Leslie Frazier, Minnesota- Good start, but 6-16 now for his career, and tied to a 1st round quarterback that might drag him down.

Chan Gailey, Buffalo- Higher expectations haven’t been met.

Jason Garrett, Dallas- It seems it will be playoffs or bust.


Andy Reid, Philadelphia- Seems pretty inevitable.

Norv Turner, San Diego- There will be no late season rally to save his job this year.

Rex Ryan, New York- Completely mismanaged and have been on steady decline.  Could he bounce back with a head job quickly?  I think he might have the best chance along with Andy Reid of everyone on this list.