Tuck: Next Year’s Super Bowl Champ

Okay, let me start by saying, thanks for clicking to see what I had to say here.  Truth is 1 of 32 teams will win the Super Bowl next year in New York.  It can be narrowed down, maybe, but how comfortable are you doing that after watching the Redskins go from worst to first?  After watching the Colts go from the #1 pick in the draft to an 11-win playoff team?  After watching the 3rd straight season a team seeded 4th or worst has won the Super Bowl?!?!

I am not bringing this up to pick on him, but John Clayton of ESPN fame wrote an article yesterday that my wife who doesn’t know anything about football could have written.  John cited 5 teams outside of the Super Bowl XLVII participants: the Falcons, the Patriots, the Packers, the Seahawks, and the Broncos who could be champions in 2014.

Way…to…go…out…on…a…limb.  Seriously, 5 of the final 8 teams this year (of course minus the Ravens and 49ers).  So, basically, he didn’t include the Texans.  Or anyone else.

I am not saying he’s right or wrong.  I am just saying, what was the point of writing that?

Nobody really knows.  We haven’t had free agency.  We haven’t had the draft.  We haven’t had a preseason or injuries or anything else to go on.  It really is just guessing based on what we know…which is last season.

If you want to read wild guesses, then have at it, but your’s is as good as mine.  It really is.  Nothing is too extreme considering we’ve seen terrible teams like the Patriots and Rams become champions a year later with some changes and some good luck.  9-7, 10-6.  16-0.  We’ve had our last three champs with those first couple of records and team with the latter record lose in the big game.

So dream big.  I am thinking Miami Dolphins.  You might think Bucs.  Or 49ers.  Or maybe a Ravens repeat?  Doesn’t matter.  In the NFL, anything is possible and no answer is too far fetched.