Tuck: Miami Dolphins Get Favorable Schedule

There are a lot things that could benefit Miami this year with how their schedule worked out.


Week 1 Sun., Sept. 7; New England Patriots; 1 p.m.; CBS– Early season games at home, in the heat, are a good thing.

Week 2 Sun., Sept. 14; At Buffalo Bills; 1 p.m.; CBS– Avoiding a cold weather game with Buffalo is a plus.

Week 3 Sun., Sept. 21; Kansas City Chiefs; 4:25; CBS– Early, hot game.

Week 4 Sun., Sept. 28; At Oakland Raiders*; 1 p.m.; CBS– Road game that becomes neutral site game.

Week 5 Sun., Oct. 5; Off week– Hate early bye weeks.

Week 6 Sun., Oct. 12; Green Bay Packers; 1 p.m.; Fox- Early, warm home game.

Week 7 Sun., Oct. 19; At Chicago Bears; 1 p.m.; CBS- Better in mid-October than mid-November or December.

Week 8 Sun., Oct. 26; At Jacksonville Jaguars; 1 p.m.; CBS- Nothing gained, nothing lost.

Week 9 Sun., Nov. 2; San Diego Chargers; 1 p.m.; CBS- Early start time against a West Coast team.

Week 10 Sun., Nov. 9; At Detroit Lions; 1 p.m.; CBS- Nothing lost or gained.

Week 11 Thu., Nov. 13; Buffalo Bills; 8:25 p.m.; NFL Network- If you’re going to play at night on a short week, do it at home.

Week 12 Sun., Nov. 23; At Denver Broncos; 4:25 p.m.; CBS- Tough no matter when you play it, but nice to have extra 3 days to prep for Peyton Manning.

Week 13 Mon., Dec. 1; At New York Jets; 8:30 p.m.; ESPN- Will be tough night game on the road in colder weather.

Week 14 Sun., Dec. 7; Baltimore Ravens; 1 p.m.; CBS- Short week, but at least they don’t travel.

Week 15 Sun., Dec. 14; At New England Patriots; 1 p.m.; CBS- Tough, very tough.

Week 16 Sun., Dec. 21; Minnesota Vikings; 1 p.m.; Fox– Closing out the season with a couple of home games is a plus.

Week 17 Sun., Dec. 28; New York Jets; 1 p.m.; CBS– And closing out at home is nice too.

– No three game road trips.

– Only 3 potential cold weather games.

– Only travel West once.  Traveling to London stinks, but Oakland has to go even further to get there.

– Toughest stretch: November 23-December 14 (@Denver, @NYJ, Baltimore, @New England)