Tuck: Miami Dolphins Flounder

To call the 2012 off-season a failure wouldn’t be fair to the Miami Dolphins…but it would be accurate.

I was extremely excited to see Miami put all their eggs in the Peyton Manning basket.  Roll the dice.  Go for broke.  Unfortunately, as I return from Vegas, the idea is very clear and fresh in my mind.  Going for the BIG win is enticing.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s what you do when you are desperate to change your luck.

And then you crap out.  Or the dealer hits 21.  Or it comes up black.  Or a team hits a three-pointer late for the cover.  And you go broke.  It isn’t always fair, but it is accurate.

Hello Dolphins off-season.  Was it worth it?  Wait, which one were we talking about?

The Miami Dolphins sign David Garrard.  See what I wrote about what the Fins should do if they didn’t get Manning months ago.  You gotta scroll down pretty far.  Needless to say, this didn’t go how I planned.  But is Seattle any closer to a Super Bowl with Matt Flynn?  The Redskins with drafting RGIII?

Maybe.  Time will tell.  I still supported Miami going for it.  If Miami had just dropped out of the Manning-sweepstakes and gone for option #2 or #3 then I would have always wondered if they could have landed Peyton Manning.  So at least there is no regret in that regard.  Regret could come later if Flynn or Robert Griffin work out well.

As for now, David Garrard and Matt Moore are good enough to get you beat.  Often.  Add to it an off-season that saw you trade Brandon Marshall away for 60 cents on the dollar and release a team leader in Yeremiah Bell, and Buffalo signing Mario Williams and putting together perhaps the best defensive line in football, and yeah, I think the Dolphins are closer to last place than first.

Pretty remarkable turnaround I must admit.  As of two weeks ago, building on the late-season momentum, coaching change, and the hope of landing Manning, the Dolphins went from a possible Super Bowl contender to a contender for the cellar of the AFC East and maybe the entire league.

I’d guess they’ll go with Moore and Garrard competing and perhaps spend a late pick on a rookie quarterback.  I would not want to see them take Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M with the 8th pick, although I bet many will project that.  I would be satisfied if they took Brandon Weeden of Oklahoma State in the 2nd round.

Things aren’t looking good now though.  Hard to see it any other way.  The Patriots are the Patriots, flawed, but still ripping of 12, 13, 14 wins a season.  The Jets are twisting in the wind, but still ahead of Miami.  The Bills should be better.  And the rest of the AFC?  Denver is going to be better.  The Texans, Ravens, Bengals, Steelers, etc, etc.  Things didn’t get better for the Dolphins, and they didn’t even stay the same.  They got worse.  The Dolphins are in the running for Matt Barkley.

Or Tim Tebow?  Perhaps he could help them get Barkley.