Tuck: Miami Dolphins 2012 Draft

1 (8)- QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M- I hate the pick.  I honestly don’t think he’ll make it as a Super Bowl-winning, starting NFL quarterback, and that has to be what you are after in the first round.  I saw a QB that struggled with his decision making and possesses a very funky delivery.  He forces the ball into coverage too much.  He also leaves the pocket quickly, perhaps as a former receiver he feels more comfortable in space.  Aggies led Oklahoma State 20-3, Arkansas 35-17, Missouri 28-17, Kansas State 14-0, and Texas 16-7 and lost all those games.  That doesn’t look good.  Worse yet (?) it is doubtful he’ll even see the field this year, unless very late in the season because of the presence of Matt Moore and David Garrard.

2 (42)- OT Jonathon Martin, Stanford- I liked the pick a lot.  Very athletic and quick.  Three year starter for Cardinal.  Very smart (duh).  Hasn’t played right tackle, and I always worry about moving a guy off a side he has always played on the line, but hopefully he’s smart enough and athletic enough to make the transition to be the starter opposite Jake Long from day one.

3 (72)- DE Olivier Vernon, Miami (FL)- Should be able to earn a spot in the rotation, but maybe picked too soon.  Vernon was a contributor as freshman at Miami flashing his talent early.  He played all over the defensive line and always played hard.  He is a little small so his motor must run hot to make a difference for the Dolphins.

3 (78)- TE Michael Egnew, Missouri- Joe Philbin I am sure sees Egnew as JerMichael Finley 2.0.  I really like the pick.  The measureables are there when you compare their size/speed numbers.  He should be able to be a vertical threat down the seam for Miami that Anthony Fasano isn’t.  Showed good hands every time I saw him play.   Not much of a blocker for the Tigers and could struggle in this area.

4 (97)- RB Lamar Miller, Miami (FL)- Not a need for the Dolphins, and perhaps an indictment on last year’s 2nd round pick of Daniel Thomas.  I like him, but am torn on his role for the team.  Miller is explosive and always was a homerun threat for the Canes.  Had good feet in the hole, and would run with determination and power.  Doesn’t always break as many tackles as you’d like him to though.  He’ll challenge Clyde Gates for kick return duties.  He does catch the ball pretty well out of the backfield.

5 (155)- OLB Josh Kaddu, Oregon- Could be a good special-teamer for the Phins.  He’s kind of skinny, and I never saw him make wow plays, and don’t think he can be anything more than a backup at OLB.  He was a captain for the Ducks, so he has leadership qualities.

6 (183)- WR BJ Cunningham, Michigan State- Loved the pick.  I am a big BJ fan.  He plays physical, bigger than his listed size.  Catches everything with his hands, and competes for the football in the air.  Reminds me physically of another Philbin player in Green Bay, James Jones.  Doesn’t have elite speed, but like Muhsin Muhammad understands positioning of his body to gain advantage on the defensive back.  I think he plays a style similar to Marques Colston, although he is a couple inches shorter.  I think he’ll have a chance to be a good starter in the NFL.

7 (215)- DT Kheeston Randall, Texas- Started a ton of games for the Longhorns, but never a dominator.  He looks the part, and graded out great at the combine, but productivity never matched.  I think he has a chance to make the roster and compete for snaps if the Dolphins can get him to recognize his gifts.

7 (227)- WR Rishard Matthews, Nevada- Just the kind of kid you think will be a player on special teams.  Gritty, tough kid that plays hard.  He is a hand-catcher which I love, but doesn’t have deep speed.  Doubtful he sees the field as anything more than a special-teamer to start his career.


Undrafted free agents with camp invites:

QB Jacory Harris, Miami (FL)

WR Jeff Fuller, Texas A&M

WR Derek Moye, Penn State

S Albert Evans, Purdue

S Kelcie Gray, Arkansas State

RB Jonas Gray, Notre Dame

DT Chas Alecxih, Pittsburgh

LB Shelly Lyons, Arizona State

OL Dustin Waldron, Portland State

DE Jacquies Smith, Missouri

CB Micah Pellerin, Hampton

DE Jarrell Root, Boise State

OL Josh Samuda, UMass

C Terence Brown, BYU

ILB Cort Dennison, Washington

OG Kyle Bogomil, Rhode Island

Overall, I think the Dolphins drafted pretty well.  The have concerns still with issues at safety, and no top notch wide receiver, but did well to address other need areas.  If Joe Philbin can coach, then they should be competitive as they were to close at last year, but simply don’t appear talented enough to be a playoff team in 2012.  I certainly hope I am wrong about Ryan Tannehill, but if I am not, then that wasted pick will probably keep them from being a real playoff threat for the next handful of years.