Tuck: Kaepernick Worth The Money

I believe sports media and fans struggle when a story doesn’t fit the expected narrative.

So, I ask the question, how do you judge quarterbacks?  You say: “Wins.”

If that is true, what is there to debate about Colin Kaepernick?  Dude is 17-6 in the regular season as a starter.  He is 4-2 in the postseason getting the 49ers to the Super Bowl and the NFC Title game, losing both in the final seconds.

So what is there to debate on whether or not this is a good deal for the 49ers?

Is Jay Cutler worth 7-$126?  He is 56-48.  He got to and lost in the NFC Title game at home.

Alex Smith wants similar money.  He is 49-40-1.  He got to and lost the NFC Title game at home.

Where am I going with this?  What am I saying?

I’m saying playing quarterback isn’t just about wins and losses.  Talent and future success are factors, and if you believe those things are present then you will have a chance to win.

Not every quarterback is going to win every game or win every time they make the playoffs. And just because you do win a Super Bowl it doesn’t make you a better quarterback than someone that hasn’t.

What you hope to have is a quarterback who is capable of doing it.

That comes back around to ability, leadership, and growth potential.

Colin Kaepernick is worth the money because he has those attributes.  Those are more important than what his resume says with the wins or losses or even the stats.

There is a reason we hesitate with Alex Smith or Andy Dalton.  They just don’t appear as talented.  We aren’t sure how much better they’ll get or if they’ll ever be good enough.

We can debate all day if one guy is worth more than the other.  We can do that in EVERY sport.  You can probably debate the pay pecking-order at your job or industry and find problems with it.

That’s kind of a different conversation.

It is worth it for the 49ers to keep Colin Kaepernick at the price they are doing it. There are enough signs, past, present, and future to justify that.