Tuck: Josh Freeman Trade Options

The Bucs will have a difficult time unloading their now-former starting quarterback.  First of all, not many teams would be interested.  Bad teams would probably prefer to ride it out with whoever they have and/or just stay bad to be in position to draft a quarterback in the next draft.  Secondly, the Buccaneers would not be able to command very much in a trade, especially not today.  And finally, fitting Freeman into another teams salary cap might be tricky.

The Jaguars are one of the few teams that could fit him under their cap, but they have no interest.

So who might?  Between now and the deadline, options could open up if teams have injuries.  I can’t tell which teams will get quarterbacks hurt so predicting that team is impossible.  Holding onto Freeman up and to the deadline (they may have no choice) is likely the best option hoping that another team suddenly has a need/desire to make a deal.  The trade deadline is October 29.

As of right now, I’d look at the Packers as the team that could most use the insurance policy.  Seneca Wallace is currently listed as their backup for Aaron Rodgers.  Fitting him into their cap might be tricky, but if Rodgers went down for a month, they might be screwed with their current set-up.  Other contenders like Atlanta, Chicago, and San Francisco could be forced into trading a pick if injuries struck as well.  At best though, I think Tampa Bay is looking at a 6th or 7th round pick.

It’s bitterly disappointing that this is what it has come to, but it’s hardly a surprise.  In some respects, the team needs to find out if Mike Glennon has the potential to start, or if they are going to have to draft another quarterback next year.  It likely means growing pains and a miserable season this year, but isn’t that pretty much what we’ve all witnessed so far anyway?