Tuck: Joe Philbin Dismantling Dolphins

Brandon Marshall for two 3rd round picks.

Vontae Davis for a second round pick and a conditional 6th rounder.

Chad Johnson, you will not be butting heads with anyone in Miami.

Matt Moore, here is your ball-cap and clipboard.

The new Miami Dolphins coach is making it clear that this team will be his team and be put together how he sees fit.  If it wasn’t obvious on the day Miami traded away it’s best offensive weapon or turned the team over to a rookie quarterback with 17 college starts, or when it cut Ochocinco two weeks into training camp; it is now dealing away (after benching) the Phin’s second best defensive player in Davis (Cameron Wake being top dog).

Miami has effectively gone from a team that finished out 2011 strong, winning 6/9 to close, with aspirations of making the playoffs this season to a team that could struggle even against one of the easiest schedules in the league.  Philbin seems intent on running a pass-happy unit, albeit with a rookie QB and the worst group of WR in the NFL.  That seems like a recipe for failure to me.

Now, it might be with a brighter future in mind.  Take your lumps, learn under fire, both coach and quarterback, and re-group for 2013.  Not an easy sell for a fan base that hasn’t seen a playoff victory in 12 years and only made the playoffs once in the last ten years.  Alas, it appears they’ll pin their hopes on multiple picks in next years draft and the development of young players on their roster this season.  Oddly, Jeff Ireland remains GM, but appears as much puppet for Philbin now.

Not that there was a lot of optimism going into this season, but whatever there was has been effectively stripped away now.  Dolphins fans will see if a pretty good defense can adjust to a scheme switch and lift up an offense which could be even worse, possibly much worse, this year.  Miami fans will hope to see development of a quarterback who will be at the disadvantage of throwing to blanketed mediocre receivers each week, and attempt to pass some kind of judgement on a kid will be as handcuffed as you can be in an offense actually geared to feature the pass.

I’ll give Philbin this: What Miami has been doing, hasn’t been working.  One playoff appearance in a decade isn’t getting it done.  It’s been almost 30 years since the last time the Dolphins advanced to the Super Bowl.  It’s probably been since Dan Marino retired that they looked like they could even compete to get to one.  So whatever Philbin does, you hope they’ll find success they’ve failed at.  And if it’s a little unconventional, and looks like a NBA team ripping it down to the ground to start over, so be it I suppose.

It’s not like it can get worse, right?