Tuck: I’d Take 20 NFL Pass Rushers Over Jadeveon Clowney

Georgia coach Mark Richt on Jadeveon Clowney: “I would say Clowney is the best football player in the world though. Seriously, I think he might be the very best player who exists today at any level.”

The week before the Bulldogs play the Gamecocks, I could see him saying something this silly.  But a month before the season starts?  I like Clowney a lot.  It’s truly laughable to suggest he is the best player, and I say that with all do respect.  Best case scenario is Richt is premature in his analysis.  I won’t even bother listing all the other players at all the other positions, which would be numerous, that I’d rather have right now.

Let’s be perfectly clear, I am speaking about who I’d want on my NFL team, right now, playing OLB/DE.  Not the next 10 years, not the next 5, not factoring in contracts or any of that.  Just simply a list I very quickly compiled of DE/OLB types I’d rather have right now playing for me.


JJ Watt

Von Miller

Aldon Smith

Justin Smith

Cameron Wake

DeMarcus Ware

Clay Matthews

Julius Peppers

Jared Allen

Brian Orakpo

Chris Long

Mario Williams

Charles Johnson

Chris Clemons

Tamba Hali

Elvis Dumervil

Robert Quinn

LaMarr Woodley

Michael Johnson

Cliff Avril

Terrell Suggs

Jason Pierre-Paul

Calais Campbell

Carlos Dunlap

Osi Umenyiora

Trent Cole

Paul Kruger


That’s 27.  I’ll stop there.  Let me also remind you, as great as Clowney is, there were 7 players that has as many or more sacks than him last year in college football.  He only forced 3 fumbles and recovered one a season ago.  And he only had 54 tackles (23.5 for loss) and never more than 7 tackles in any one game.

Jadeveon Clowney is awesome.  This isn’t a rip column on him.  It’s a reminder of how many great players play in the NFL, and how off-base Mark Richt was in his assessment.