Tuck: Favre Interest Aside, QB Position Stable In NFL

Yes, the Rams asked a retired, 44-year man if he wanted to play quarterback for them.  Brett Favre politely declined.  Some people want to point to St. Louis’ interest in him as an indictment of the lack of players capable of playing the position.  I politely disagree.

In fact, I would argue the position is as deep as it has ever been in my lifetime.  Some years it seems half the starters in the league had no business being out there.  Right now, 16 quarterbacks, half the league, have QB’s with a QB-rating over 90!  Tom Brady is 26th with a reasonable 75 rating.  Eli Manning is 31st with a 66.5.  I doubt we’d call them stiffs.

In 2002 only 4 quarterbacks finished with a rating over 90.

Today, only a handful of teams and their fan-bases are scratching their heads.

Jacksonville tried with Blaine Gabbert, but clearly he wasn’t the answer.  Same with Cleveland and Brandon Weeden.  The Bucs failed with Josh Freeman and are now trying their hand with a rookie, Mike Glennon.  Can we even knock teams with rookies?  I’d say the Bills, Bucs, and Jets are in the bottom third in the league with quarterback competency, but we can understand why with first-year players in the toughest spot to play.

The Vikings might be their own worst enemy, but in defense of Christian Ponder, while not great, he did lead his team to the playoffs last year.

Carson Palmer in Arizona and Matt Schaub in Houston aren’t winning anyone over this year with their play.

That’s about it though.  Sure, we’ve seen up-and-down play from many others, but they aren’t a hindrance, and in most cases are established or are establishing themselves.

There are a few back-ups floating around that can get you by, but nobody is confusing them with future franchise players.  The league has never been about that though.  You find diamonds in the rough like Tom Brady, but that is rare.  The league has always been about a few HOF guys, a few more great guys, a dozen solid guys, and then a bunch of scrubs or young pups playing in the league on a year to year basis.

Today’s starting quarterbacks as a group I think are the best the sport has ever seen.  The Rams aren’t desperate because they didn’t have a quarterback, they are desperate because they have a weak backup to replace their injured starter, which is the case for most of the NFL teams.