Tuck: Faking An Injury In Football Is Okay

Brian Urlacher admitted this week in his new role as Fox Sports 1 analyst that the Bears had a designated faker who would fall down when prompted to by a coach on the sideline so to slow down an opponent’s offense.

He basically is admitting what we already knew.  Players will fake injuries as a strategy to slow down an opponent’s offense.

The faster these offenses want to go, the more prevalent this will become.  And ya know what?  I’m okay with it.  Deception in life and in sports are two different things.  In football, I am fine with it.

Football is full of deception.  Misdirection plays.  Fake hand-offs.  Reverses.  Play-action passes.  Defenses do it too with all their exotic blitzes and how they disguise coverage.

Football is much more a mind game than it ever was before.  It’s not just dumb jocks cracking skulls.  These guys study like they are going for their PHD’s in preparing for each other.

So yeah, if a player falls down and acts hurt so that a defense can catch their breath, and re-group, and even switch personnel then I am completely fine with it.  If a referee is identifies the player as faking because player does a hilariously bad job of acting, then he can assess a delay of game penalty.  I am fine with that too.  In basketball now, refs and the league can punish flopping players.

Players fake things all the time.  They fake get held or interfered with.  They flop trying to draw personal fouls.  They lie saying they caught a bouncing ball when they know they didn’t.  It’s called veteran savvy.

I think you’re getting my drift.  All the sports have it.  Does it make us mad when they get away with “cheating?”  Yup.  And it should make us and the other team mad.  But that is all part of the game.