Tuck: Eagles @ Cowboys Sunday Night Football Week 17

I believe the Cowboys will play the final game of the regular season for the 3rd straight year.  They’ll host Philadelphia on SNF.

Why do I think that?

Next week there is no Thursday night football.  There is also no Monday night football.

There will be nine 1pm games.  There will be six 4pm starts.  They could go 8 early and 7 late if they feel the have to however, that hasn’t happened since 2010 and I don’t believe will be necessary this year.  The day will end with SNF, a game that doesn’t depend on any other results of the day.

I believe the Cowboys will win this week at Washington.  If that happens, it won’t matter what the Eagles do against the Bears.  Next week’s game will be for the NFC East.  NBC loves them some Cowboys so it will be a no-brainer.

Elsewhere I believe the 4pm games will be as follows:

Rams @ Seahawks

49ers @ Cardinals

Broncos @ Raiders

Chiefs @ Chargers

The 4 games above will be late starts because they are on the west coast.

Lions @ Vikings

Packers @ Bears

I think these two games get moved to the 4 o’clock start because I believe the Lions will win this week and have a chance to win the division next week depending on the result of the Bears-Packers game.  I actually believe both teams will lose this week and give the Lions a chance to win the division, but the Packers-Bears winner will have a chance still if Minnesota wins.  NFL loves drama.

Early the Dolphins (vs. Jets) and Ravens (at Bengals) will battle it out for the wild card.  I think Cincy wins this week and wraps up the division because the Pats beat Baltimore this weekend.

There will still be some jockeying for seeding, but the NFL will everything it can to make every game it can count.  They are limited somewhat this year because all for “West” teams need to play 4pm games and none are options to be moved to SNF.