Tuck: Dolphins Should Not Give Up On Dion Jordan Yet

According to a report the Eagles made an offer for Miami Dolphins DE/OLB Dion Jordan recently. Miami traded up to the #3 overall pick in last year’s draft to take the Oregon defender. They gave up their first rounder and a second rounder to make it happen.  Probably not coincidentally, Philadelphia held the 4th overall pick last year. Their new coach, Chip Kelly, had just left the Ducks for the NFL.

Jordan had a rough rookie season that barely saw him on the field.  He was drafted injured and missed most all of the offseason and preseason nursing to health a shoulder injury.  I believe that had an impact.  There also may have been some friction with the coaching staff.

It’s just way to early to give up on him.  Cam Wake is a Pro Bowl player, but he’s also the oldest player on the team!  He’s 32 and who knows how much longer the Dolphins can count on him at this level. Miami should be happy the rest of the roster is playing well enough to prevent Jordan from taking more snaps.  I’d hate to see Miami give up on him after one disappointing season.  Especially if it meant selling him for 75 cents on the dollar.

Jordan has so much natural talent. He is a little raw, and he doesn’t have a defined position.  To me, that is the job of the coaching staff to figure both those things out. Jordan flashed great athleticism when he was asked to rush the passer.  He also was excellent in coverage. Pro Football Focus graded him out as the #1 “edge” player in coverage last season.

Miami needs to take the time to mold this clay, not throw it away for a quick fix.