Tuck: Defenseless Is The New Insanity Plea

Nobody is safe.  Well, even if we’ve been doing it for decades, just claim you can’t defend yourself and they’ll make a rule to protect you.  Defenseless receivers.  Defenseless kickers.  Defenseless punters.  Defenseless quarterbacks.

Perhaps the defense should just rest.

Defenseless in football has become the new style.  It’s what the insanity plea has been to the court room.

I guess those pads and helmets and all that practice doesn’t mean anything anymore.  A game build on hitting, pushing, shoving, and collisions is quickly re-writing all the rules to make sure none of that takes place.  After-all, the game known for controlled violence can’t have the reputation for hurting grown men.

This is crazy.  I am having real conversations about a football hitting another one too hard.  Announcers are now appalled that these men who take pride in being heat-seeking missiles are actually making contact with their helmet into the helmet of an opponent.

You can’t hit high.  You can’t hit low.  You can’t hit too hard.  Basically, try not to hit the offensive player, please.  They are defenseless.

I tried finding a reel of real dirty hits.  I know they exist.  I remember seeing them in the 8o’s.  I know there plenty I saw on NFL films from before I was born.  What did we know about a dirty hit?  It was obvious!  A blatant head shot.  A hit after the whistle.  A hit way out of bounds.  Remember spearing?  That using your helmet as a weapon!  Not these helmets accidentally bumping like we see nowadays.

You want to protect players from head injuries?  Design better helmets.

The most insane thing about this whole defenseless craze is that it’s all about protecting skill players.  Fantasy players ($$$).  It doesn’t recognize the football players in the “box” that are hammering each other every play!!!  I suppose these guys won’t have head injuries?

The league knows those collisions aren’t replayed.  The ones that capture the media and fans attention are the ones in open space.  Eliminating those by claiming defenseless is joke.  Football players are going to get hit.  These new rules are making a mockery of what was once a proud gladiator sport.