Tuck: Bucs Need A Wide Receiver

After trading Mike Williams to Buffalo, and scanning over the roster, it becomes quite apparent Tampa Bay needs a wide receiver.  Or two.

Tampa Bay has the #7 overall pick in the upcoming draft.  With that, they could have two enticing options. Clemson WR Sammy Watkins and Texas A&M WR Mike Evans.  Watkins would serve as a complimentary blazer to Vincent Jackson’s size.  He also is highly skilled in the screen game.  Evans is often compared to V-Jax with his size and physicality.  Lovie Smith (and Josh McCown) had not one, but two very big receivers with him in Chicago, and may even prefer that.

The Bucs also have pick #38 and #69 at their disposal in what is a deep receiver draft.

Players like Vanderbilt’s Jordan Matthews, LSU’s Jarvis Landry, Fresno State’s Devonte Adams, Penn State’s Allen Robinson, and Ole Miss’s Donte Moncrief amongst others could be available with one of those picks.

The quarterback position is uncertain at this hour, but regardless of who gets the job, they will need as much help as they can get.  Neither is capable of making the surrounding cast better.  You really need to score to win in today’s NFL.  Tampa Bay should invest in the offense to help the quarterback out, and they should do it early on draft day.