Tuck: Brady Quinn With Dolphins 7 Years After 2007 NFL Draft

In 2007, the Miami Dolphins were still searching for a Dan Marino replacement.  The talk going into the draft was which quarterback should go first, LSU’s JaMarcus Russell or Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn?  Russell went #1 to Oakland.  Many Dolphins fans wanted Quinn and were stunned when they selected Ohio State WR/KR/PR Ted Ginn Jr. with the ninth pick instead.  Now, 7 years after the 2007 NFL Draft, Quinn is a Dolphin.

In hindsight, Miami made the better pick.  Quinn fell to #22 on draft day before Cleveland traded up to grab him, another Browns mistake.  A career backup who has started only 24 games, the Dolphins will be Quinn’s 7th team entering what would be his 8th season.

I can’t paint the Ginn picture in Miami in a honest way where I don’t call him a bust.  He was.  You simply don’t draft a return specialist at #9 in the NFL draft. Ginn was a solid special teams player, but never became the explosive receiver Miami hoped he would.

Miami traded Ginn away after 3 seasons, and he’ll be playing for his 4th team this year in Arizona.

Making the better pick is of little condolence for Dolphins fans in this discussion though.  They still made the wrong pick.  Many great players went after in the 2007 NFL Draft, most painfully Darrelle Revis (14) and Patrick Willis (11).

Dolphins fans aren’t Raiders fans at least crying themselves to sleep for taking the horrible JaMarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson.  That’s tough to live with.

Still, Quinn to Miami now is just a reminder of how a bad draft can live on.