Tuck: Brady-Manning Define An Era In NFL History Together

Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

It doesn’t matter much which one you choose, because they’ll always be connected by the hip and nobody else really is brought up in the conversation.

Many other great players, Hall of Fame players, have taken the field in the last 15 years, but they all take a back-seat to Manning and Brady.

They’ve played in 7 of the last 12 Super Bowls.  They’ve won 4.  They’ve been the MVP of 3.

They’ve appeared in 44 combined playoff games.

They’ve only missed the playoffs a combined 3 times (not including for each the year they missed injured).

They are 2nd and 5th in career wins for a starting quarterbacks.

They are currently 2nd and 5th all-time in passer rating.

They are 2nd and 5th all-time in touchdown passes.

They are 2nd and 7th in passing yards all-time.

They are tied for 1st and 5th in most game-winning drives.

They are 1st and 8th in most comebacks.

They’ve thrown for the most and 2nd most TD in a season ever.

They’ve been to a combined 20 Pro Bowls.

They’ve won a combined 6 NFL MVP’s.

They each won the comeback player of the year award after going down for season hurt.



It isn’t just all they’ve accomplished however.  It’s also how often they’ve met.

This will be their 14th meeting.  They’ve played 3 times in the playoffs.


Their paths have crossed almost every year, and sometimes twice.  They’ve destroyed their team’s and the league’s record books with their work.  They’ve been the conversation of the NFL for a long time.  Who would you rather have?  Who is better?  Who is more valuable?

We’ve tried over and over again to separate one from the other.  It’s never worked.  It doesn’t matter much anymore how you answer it.  Either choice is clearly acceptable.  There is no wrong answer.