Tuck: Best Quarterbacks In The NFL

This isn’t projecting.  This isn’t drafting for the future.  This is starting up a season tomorrow.  At this moment, how I’d rank the quarterbacks.  There is certainly some wiggle room.  The difference between #4 and #10 is greater than that from #10 to #16.

There are 32 teams in the NFL.  I don’t feel like ranking the less than average group.  Is Ryan Fitzpatrick better than Tim Tebow or Matt Moore or Mark Sanchez?  I don’t really care.  I don’t see any of them winning a Super Bowl next season.

Alex Smith?  Great season, but helped out by a great coach and defense.  I can’t misremember the first 7 years of his career.  Toughest omission?  Josh Freeman.  The Buc’s QB should be on this list.  But he looked bad, turnover-prone, and checked down far too often last year.

16. Andy Dalton- A second round rookie?  He showed me enough and with his work ethic he should only improve.

15. Matt Schaub- He should have a great cast around him next year and a chance to prove he’s better than around the middle of the pack.

14. Joe Flacco- Proved more in defeat at New England than he did in victory over Houston.  He’s better than most.

13. Mike Vick- The ultimate wild card, but still not sure I can win the big prize with him or keep him healthy, and he isn’t getting younger.

12. Matt Ryan- Ice cold.  Seasons aren’t ending well, but I like what I see otherwise.  He can be the guy, just hasn’t yet.

11. Cam Newton- I’ll give you this, he might prove he should be higher on the list, I am just not ready to put him higher yet.

10. Jay Cutler- With a better offensive line and a running game he was playing even better, just a shame he got hurt.

9. Philip Rivers- Bad year, but I’d still put him in this spot.

8. Matt Stafford- He’s tough and clutch and young, and rising.

7. Tony Romo- Too high you think?  Who behind him has done more?  I like him and his intangibles.

6. Ben Roethlisberger- No shame sitting in this spot.

5. Eli Manning- Yes, he’s earned this.

4. Drew Brees- Very little not to like.

3. Peyton Manning- Obviously, I am giving him this spot assuming he’s healthy for next season.

2. Tom Brady- I know he’s still playing.  He’s all-time great, but he’s not the best.

1. Aaron Rodgers- He’s the best going right now.  No weaknesses in his game.