Tuck: Best NFL Job Openings

There are 7 head coaching jobs open in the NFL right now.  Chicago, Philadelphia, San Diego, Cleveland, Buffalo, Arizona, and Kansas City.

There are a variety of ways to evaluate which job provides the best opportunity, but I will look at rosters, youth, contracts, and key players as the most important things.

7. Philadelphia- Not much to be excited about despite the winning tradition.  LeSean McCoy and Jason Peters are stars, but Peters missed the entire year with a ruptured achilles.  The defense is a mess with one corner overpaid and set to be released and the other a free agent.

6. Kansas City- There is some talent, especially on defense, but there is no quarterback in place and Dwayne Bowe is likely gone in free agency leaving just Jamal Charles as a legit building block.

5. Arizona- Who is the quarterback, who is running the ball, and who is blocking for either?  Other than that, not bad.

4. Chicago- The defense is strong, but getting old, and the offense doesn’t have an identity, or at least not one you can win with because of a shaky offensive line and quarterback making shaky decisions.

3. Buffalo- The Bills have some very young, very good players on each side of the ball, but have to find a quarterback.  More importantly, if they stop turning it over so much they could have a chance to climb quickly in the weaker AFC, and weak AFC East.

2. Cleveland- The Browns have a lot of nice young pieces (Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, Brandon Weeden, Joe Haden, Phil Taylor).  How good they can be largely hinges on how much Weeden can improve.

1. San Diego- I am not the biggest Philip Rivers fan, but he is a winning quarterback with a successful track record.  Beyond him, this team is loaded with young talent on both sides of the ball and in a position to win immediately with the right direction.