Tuck: Best Backup NFL Quarterbacks

Wow.  What a bad week for starting quarterbacks.  Jay Cutler.  Mike Vick.  Ben Roethlisberger.  Alex Smith.  Mark Sanchez.

Battered and bruised and leaving their teams in a lurch.  Oh, actually Sanchez didn’t get hurt.  Jets fans just wish he did.  But the others, all knocked out of games.  The Bears and Eagles lost, the Steelers won in OT, and the 49ers tied in OT.  None looked the same without their guy in there.

All things considered, this has been a pretty good year for QB’s staying healthy.  Only 8 starters have missed parts or all of games because of injuries.  But the question is which teams are best equipped to handle that moment when everyone’s heart jumps out of their chests?


1. Tennessee– Matt Hasselbeck backing up Jake Locker is a nice security blanket that the Titans have already had to use this year.  Sure, it didn’t really work because the the Titans defense is so bad, but that doesn’t mean that every team in the league wouldn’t love to have someone like Hasselbeck, an 11-year starter and played in a Super Bowl, in a pinch.

2. Dallas- Kyle Orton, like Hasselbeck, has started quite a few games, and has a winning record as a NFL starter.  If Romo got dinged, the Cowboys ship wouldn’t sink if Orton had to fill in for a couple of games.

3. Detroit- Shaun Hill has compiled a .500 record as a starter and has shown more than capable of slinging it around, even rallying the Lions to overtime this season when pinch-hitting for Matt Stafford in the final minutes against Tennessee.

4. Miami- Matt Moore proved quite serviceable as a starter after taking over mid-season both in Carolina and Miami, and while he isn’t getting anyone excited, he certainly won’t sink your season if called upon for a game or two.

5. Seattle- Matt Flynn has a limited resume, but part of this process is considering the drop-off from starter to backup.  In the case of of the Seahawks, Flynn isn’t going to run around like Russell Wilson, but I am pretty sure Seattle would be able to maintain their offense and potentially even improve in some respects.



28. Green Bay- Graham Harrell.  Seriously, who knew that?

29. San Diego- Charlie Whitehurst. Didn’t we see enough of him in Seattle?

30. Denver- Either Brock Osweiler, a rookie, or Caleb Hanie.  Every Bears fan cringed.

31. Indianapolis- Drew Stanton.  Colts fans, did you upgrade?  Did ya?

32. St. Louis- Kellen Clemens.  Talk about job security for Sam Bradford.