Tuck: 2013 NFL Predictions

Only 4 new teams made the playoffs last year.  I said only 4 because previous to last season at least 5 new teams made the playoffs each of the last 15 years.  So the streak got snapped.  But to say it was continuity from 2011 to 2012 would be a bald-faced lie.

Washington went worst to first, keeping the streak alive for 10 straight seasons.  Indianapolis went from 2 wins and the first overall pick to 11-5.  Minnesota went from a last place team at 3-13 to a playoff team as well.  And the Seahawks surprised some people with a great run into the playoffs.  To say, that was it, wouldn’t be fair to some pretty major surprises.

So three last place teams went to the playoffs.  I think we can agree that parity is still alive and well in the NFL.  So basically, what I am saying, is that if you just attempt to predict a repeat of last year, assume bad teams will be bad again and good teams good again, then you aren’t trying, and really aren’t paying much attention to the history of this crazy league we call the NFL.

Now, what you see below you may think is crazy.  Then again, had I put last place teams in the playoffs in my predictions last year you’d have called me an idiot as well.  So.  Here.  We.  Go.

AFC                                                                          NFC

EAST                                                                       EAST

New England 11-5                                                Dallas 11-5                                                       

Buffalo 8-8                                                           Washington 10-6

Miami 8-8                                                             Philadelphia 7-9

New York 4-12                                                     New York 7-9


NORTH                                                                  NORTH

Pittsburgh 12-4                                                      Chicago 10-6

Cleveland 9-7                                                         Green Bay 9-7

Cincinnati 7-9                                                        Detroit 7-9

Baltimore 6-10                                                       Minnesota 7-9


SOUTH                                                                   SOUTH

Houston 12-4                                                         Atlanta 11-5

Indianapolis 9-7                                                      Tampa Bay 9-7

Tennessee 6-10                                                     New Orleans 8-8

Jacksonville 4-12                                                    Carolina 6-10


WEST                                                                      WEST

Denver 12-4                                                            San Francisco 12-4

San Diego 6-10                                                        Arizona 9-7

Kansas City 5-11                                                     Seattle 9-7

Oakland 0-16                                                           St. Louis 6-10


Wild Card Round

New England over Indianapolis

Denver over Cleveland

Washington over Chicago

Atlanta over Arizona

Divisional Round

Denver over Pittsburgh

Houston over New England

San Francisco over Washington

Dallas over Atlanta

Conference Title Games

Houston over Denver

San Francisco over Dallas

Super Bowl

San Francisco over Houston


MVP: QB Peyton Manning, Denver

Offensive Rookie of the Year: WR Quinton Patton, San Francisco

Defensive Rookie of the Year: CB Desmond Trufant, Atlanta

Defensive Player of the Year: OLB Brian Orakpo, Washington

Coach of the Year: Rob Chudzinski, Cleveland

Comeback Player of the Year: LB Brian Cushing, Houston