Tuck: 2012 NFL MVP

Adrian Peterson should be the 2012 NFL MVP.  Peterson led a 3-13 team from a season ago to a 10-6 playoff appearance this year.  The Vikings offense was led by one of the more inept quarterbacks in Christian Ponder and were without Percy Harvin for the second half of the season, which just so happened to be when Peterson was at his best.  All Day lived up to his nickname and then some, rushing for the second most yards in NFL history with 2097.  He compiled numerous other accomplishments, and records this year coming off shredding his knee in week 16 a season ago and looked like the best player on the planet week after week.


1. Adrian Peterson 2. Peyton Manning 3. Tom Brady 4. Calvin Johnson 5. Aaron Rodgers

Defensive Player of the Year

1. JJ Watt 2. Von Miller 3. Aldon Smith

Offensive Rookie of the Year

1. Robert Griffin III 2. Russell Wilson 3. Andrew Luck 4. Alfred Morris 5. Doug Martin

Defensive Rookie of the Year

1. Lavonte David 2. Bobby Wagner 3. Zach Brown 4. Janoris Jenkins 5. Harrison Smith

Special Teams Rookie of the Year

1. Blair Walsh 2. Justin Tucker 3. Greg Zuerlein 4. Brian Anger

Coach of the Year

1. Bruce Arians 2. Leslie Frazier 3. Mike Shannahan 4. Pete Carroll 5. John Fox

Comeback Player of the Year

1. Peyton Manning 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Jamal Charles