Tom Crabtree Toning it Down on Twitter?

New Bucs tight end Tom Crabtree has been rather quiet on social media lately.

The former Green Bay Packer hasn’t posted a single tweet since training camp began, prompting some members of the local media to wonder if something was wrong, or perhaps the Bucs were trying to curtail his outspoken, sometimes outlandish Twitter behavior.

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He’s just been preoccupied with trying to learn Mike Sullivan’s offense and possibly win the starting tight end job. “Right now, at least for training camp, I haven’t even been on there at all. I’ve got my hands full with football right now.”

He did mention that he’s softening his approach though, but not because anyone forced him into self-censorship. “We’ve never had any talks with Coach Schiano or Coach McCarthy in the past. It was just kind of my own thing. You get people threatening you on there, your family — it gets WEIRD.”

“I don’t need to get people fired up and see in my feed death threats and all that. That’s not why I’m on there. That’s not positive. I don’t need any of that. I can be myself as far as being goofy and stuff like that.”

Like many, Crabtree turned to Twitter to sound off on the George Zimmerman trial, including one tweet on July 13 that was retweeted 8,498 times and ‘favorited’ 3,700 times.

A search in Crabtree’s Twitter mentions didn’t yield any threats, although he changed his handle to @itsCrab on July 10, meaning his mentions may have been lost during the transition.

A search of his old handle, @TCrabtree83, did not yield any either, unless those users were banned because of violating Twitter’s terms of service.

“There [are] times to talk politics and stuff. I’m not saying I’ll completely steer away from stuff like that, because I will talk about stuff that matters to me that I have a passion about. For the most part, I try to keep it light. I think people enjoy that.”

He provides his 89,780 followers with an eclectic mix of tweets ranging from thought-provoking to cringe-worthy, always sprinkled with humor.

And whether you agree or disagree with some of the heavier stuff, like his controversial comments about the Zimmerman trial, Crabtree is a rarity among today’s professional athletes — he is socially authentic.

For the sake of Tom’s many followers and his own sanity, we hope that doesn’t change.