Tim Tebow Still Hopes for Phone Call During Training Camp

Tim Tebow

His phone isn’t ringing just yet but that isn’t stopping from Tim Tebow from working out and improving himself.

According to NFL.com, Tebow said last month that he’s not giving up on making it back to the NFL. Tebow has been a part of the Broncos, the Jets, and auditioned for the Patriots last year. None of those played out how he wanted and now he says he’s the healthiest he’s ever been.

“I feel great,” Tebow said. “I feel the strongest, healthiest, throwing the best I ever have. I’m just really excited about the improvement.”

He had a recent interview with a TV station in Phoenix, Arizona and they filmed him working out. You can see Tebow’s trainer helping him out.

This workout isn’t that strange since it’s pretty normal for a guy to go to the gym and build muscle. He’s a fit guy who’s an athlete. Why wouldn’t he work out?

He has a new gig with the SEC Network this fall so that is where he will be focusing his time. Unless of course, he gets that call he’s been waiting for…

We won’t hold our breath.