The Dolphins win the Super Bowl or NFL Team go Undefeated?

Earlier this morning on SportstalkFlorida Mornings,  Eric Lopez and David Buchman discuss what is more likely to happen, the Miami Dolphins to win a Super Bowl or  an NFL Team goes Undefeated?

Why you should listen :  Eric Lopez and David Buchman discussed in the second hour of the show what is more likely to happen first, the Miami Dolphins who have not won a Super Bowl since January 1974 winning a Super Bowl  or an NFL Team going undefeated winning the Super Bowl?  Also during the hour, Lopez and Buchman talked about Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez or Mets pitcher Matt Harvey. Who would you rather have?  Also Should the Bucs even be considering playing Darrelle Revis in the preseason?  Also is Tim Tebow playing for a roster spot with the Patriots this Friday night against the Bucs?

 SportstalkFlorida Mornings : August 14,2013

Here below is a list of 16 NFL Teams that have not won the Super Bowl since the Dolphins last Super Bowl win.

New York Jets

Buffalo Bills

Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Houston Texans

San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Philadelphia Eagles

Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons

Minnesota Vikings

Detroit Lions

Arizona Cardinals

Seattle Seahawks

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