The Bucs 17th on the Forbes most valuable list

Bucs are in the middle of the pack at number 17 in the Forbes list of the most expensive NFL franchises.

Well the 2013 edition of the Forbes Magazine list of the National Football League most valuable franchises is out and there are a few surprises on the list. There are also the usual suspects that seem to just take turns at the top of the list of 32 NFL teams.

The top five most valuable are the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins, New York Giants and making it for the first time the Houston Texans. All of those franchises, with exception of Houston have taken turns in the top four spots for the past five years.

Meanwhile, coming in at No. 16 is the Miami Dolphins, who are worth an estimated $ 1.074 billion dollars. The local boys followed next, the Tampa Bay Bucs, were No. 17 on the list. The club was valued at $ 1.067 billion dollars, which is not bad. As expected the Jags were near the bottom at N0. 31 coming in ahead of the Oakland Raiders. The Jags value was set at $840 million dollars.

Bucs fans can take heart in the fact that their franchise was deemed more valuable than some of the leagues top draws including:

18. Carolina, 19. Tennessee, 20. Kansas City, 21. Minnesota, 22. Cleveland, 23. New Orleans, 25. Arizona, 26. San Diego, 26. Atlanta, 27. Cincinnati, 28. Detroit, 29. St. Louis, 30. Buffalo, 31. Jacksonville and 32, Oakland.

As a league the National Football League, has the world’s most valuable franchises, ahead of the English Premier League.

So, there you have it the 2013 Forbes List.