Taunting Rule May Be Tweaked

Seahawks_Golden_Tate_2013Head of officiating Dean Blandino said the NFL’s competition committee likely will review the league’s taunting rule this offseason.

Blandino, in an appearance on NFL Network, was explaining the penalty assessed on Golden Tate and the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night, after the wide receiver began waving at and taunting St. Louis defenders at the Rams’ 25-yard line en route to an 80-yard touchdown.

Blandino explained that in the NFL, taunting is a dead-ball foul, which means the play counts and a penalty is assessed on the next play. He compared that to college rules, which would have nullified the touchdown and assessed a penalty at the spot of the foul, meaning instead of a touchdown the Seahawks would have been at the Rams’ 40.

Source: ESPN.com news services