Study: Bucs Have ‘Least-Engaged’ Fan Base

Ticket, an online ticket broker, just released results of an annual study of the NFL’s “Most Engaged Fan Bases,” which measured the online and offline interaction of fans with their teams.

Based on the study’s unique formula, which factored in everything from average home attendance in 2012, to ticket prices, and social media ‘likes,’ the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came in dead-last with a score of 52.22.

Here is the complete formula, given a corresponding weight in bold:

  • Average total attendance, all games (5)
  • Average home attendance (10)
  • Average ticket price (5)
  • Average home game ticket price (10)
  • Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
  • Facebook likes(3)
  • Twitter following (3)

The Miami Dolphins came in 29th with a score of 53.91, and the Jacksonville Jaguars came in at 28th with a score of 54.25.

The Dallas Cowboys came in first with a score of 100. The New England Patriots came in second with 89.64, and the Green Bay Packers came in third with 87.29.

The New York Giants (85.51) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (84.41) rounded out the top five.

You can view the full results of the study here.