Steve Smith Mouths Off to Reporter after Loss to 49ers

Now that the Carolina Panthers are out of the playoffs, wide receiver Steve Smith has no rooting interest, at least on the NFC side — and he made that clear on Sunday.

After the Panthers 23-10 loss to San Francisco, Smith was asked the following by an unnamed reporter, “Will you be cheering for the Seahawks against the Niners given how chippy this was today, or do you not really care at this point?”

Smith was not amused with the question.

“You really want me to thump you upside the head? That was the dumbest question, and that’s the second dumbest question you’ve asked,” Smith said, via “I only cheer for one team. Actually, two teams. My team and my kid’s team. Other than that I can give a bleep.”

Smith doesn’t play for the 49ers or Seahawks and his kid doesn’t play for the 49ers or Seahawks, so as he made clear, he doesn’t give a ‘bleep’ about Sunday’s game in Seattle. It’s probably a good thing no one asked him about the AFC Championship.

Despite playing with an injured knee, Smith finished Sunday’s playoff game against the 49ers with four catches for 74-yards and a touchdown. The 31-yard touchdown catch briefly gave the Panthers a 7-6 lead in the second quarter.

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