Schiano ‘Moved On’ From Freeman, Apologizes for Comments to Season Ticket Holders


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers reconvened from the bye week Monday, with head coach Greg Schiano addressing reporters for the first time since former starting quarterback Josh Freeman was released.

“He’s moved to another team,” Schiano said when asked about Freeman, who agreed to a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings late Sunday night.

“I guess the best way to summarize it for us is that we’ve moved on. That’s kind of how I feel. We’ve moved on and it’s time to go.”

Schiano took a bit more time to elaborate on a statement he made last week at a club-level season ticket holders’ breakfast, where he said the Bucs were a ‘laughingstock’ before he arrived and that’s the reason he was hired.

“Sometimes you say things in context. That statement was really about the discipline and the issues that were going on. It wasn’t the on-field football.”

Some fans perceived it as a jab at former head coach Raheem Morris and felt it was the wrong tone for an 0-4 head coach to be taking.

“I apologize if I offended anybody with that, because that was certainly not the purpose. That was our suite holders and the question was in reference to some of the discipline and some of the things that, as I’ve shared with you guys, I had to be a little over-the-top, because it was the adjustment to how far the other way things had gotten.”

He added, “That’s really what I meant, but taken out of context, I can see, certainly, how it could be offensive, and it certainly wasn’t meant to be that in any way.”