Sam Hurd Smoked Marijuana, Beat Drug Tests

Sam_Hurd_Denver_2013Sam Hurd told Michael McKnight of that during his years as an NFL player he smoked pot “all day, every day, and I didn’t want to hear anyone trying to tell me I had a problem.”

And in his interview with, Hurd also said he had no trouble distributing marijuana in the NFL, saying that during the five years he spent with the Cowboys, he became a marijuana connoisseur and passed along the good stuff to about 20 or 25 teammates.

So how did Hurd and all those teammates avoid being suspended under the NFL’s substance-abuse policy? According to Hurd, players know approximately what time of year they’ll get tested and just stop using when the test is coming up, then use again the rest of the year once they’ve provided their annual urine sample.

Basically, the NFL’s marijuana tests catch only players who aren’t smart enough to figure out the drug-testing system, or players who have such problems that they simply can’t stop for long enough to let drugs clear their systems once a year.

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports, Pro Football Talk