Salary Cap Could Be A Bit Higher Than Expected

It has been widely believed that the unadjusted salary cap will move from $120.6 million in 2012 to (drum roll, please) $121 million in 2013.

Per a league source, there’s a growing belief that it could be even higher.

Instead of $121 million per team it could be (drum roll, please) $121.5 million.

Based on that estimate, it’s currently expected that the 32 teams will have $306 million in cap space. More will emerge as teams dump existing contracts.

And while the salary cap isn’t growing at a significant rate, a source explains that total player expenses in 2011 exceeded 50 percent of revenues, when factoring in the increases in player benefits. The percentage of player expenses in relation to total revenue for 2012 isn’t yet known.

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