VIDEO: Robert Herron Overcomes Rough Start to Become a Buccaneer

The odds are already stacked against late round draft picks, and such will be the case for rookie wide receiver Robert Herron, who was selected in the sixth round by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and just finished rookie minicamp. But when you look at how far he’s come in his life, it’s hard not to root for him in his journey.

As a 14-year-old in South Central Los Angeles, he was living in and out of motels, with neither parent in the picture. He was taken in by a cousin of his father, Kathy Hales, although she had never met him before and loved him as her own.

Fast forward to his senior year in high school, and he didn’t have cleats to play in. He happened to cross paths with Buccaneers current safety Dashon Goldson, who was able to get him some, cleats he wore his entire senior year at Dorsey High School, cleats that ultimately helped him catch the attention of then-Wyoming recruiting coordinator, Marcus Arroyo, now the Bucs quarterbacks coach.

He’s leaned on both Goldson and Arroyo during his transition to the NFL.

“Before rookie mini-camp, [Dashon] just said ‘Don’t let your emotions take part. Just come out here and do what I know how to do.”

And the cleats?

“When I found out I was coming here, I texted him [and said], ‘Some cleats are coming your way ASAP.'”