RG3 Plans to Run the Ball More

Redskins_RG3_2012Last Sunday, for the first time all season, Robert Griffin III showed glimpses of his old self. The Redskins still lost to the Cowboys, and RG3 struggled at times, but when he decided to run, the burst and explosiveness that had been lacking over the first month of the season returned.

Griffin, who rushed 9 times for 77 yards, said Wednesday that in order for the Redskins to get back to winning, he needs to run the ball more. Of course, this conversation consumed much of the offseason because for all of RG3’s dynamism, there will always be concerns about injuries given his style of play.

“I felt that’s what I have to do,” Griffin said of his aggressive approach against the Cowboys (via the Washington Post). “That’s what I’ve always had to do. You’ve got to use every ability that you have. Broke the pocket a couple of times, broke the pocket and hit some guys downfield as the defense was closing in on me, and then there were times when you just take off and go, and a healthy mix of that and a healthy mix of just executing the plays that are called.”

Source: Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports