Peyton Manning Arrested for Drugs (Not That One)

Will the real Peyton Manning please stand up?

An 18-year-old girl from Tennessee, named Peyton Manning, was arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana during a traffic stop in Nashville.

She was obviously named after the famous quarterback but it doesn’t seem like she has the same morals and ethics that he does.

According to Fansided, police say that Peyton and friends had their vehicle searched and officers found cocaine in a drink cup, with pot, a scale and a pill crusher. All phones were confiscated and messages revealed their drug deal plans.

It may not be a crazy drug cartel that was busted, but the young, wild and free version of Peyton Manning should take some life lessons from the QB she was named after.

Who knows, maybe football player Manning will reach out to her and help out.

On another note, maybe people should stop naming their kids after famous people to avoid this type of thing in the news…

For more on this story visit: Dan Zinski, Fansided