Pete Carroll Doesn’t Think Lynch is Wrong

On if Marshawn Lynch set a bad precedent for other players by cutting his media day availability short:
“No, you know we have obligations that we try to fulfill the best we can. I don’t know how we can look at this any other way – not everybody is the same. In our program we understand that, to a point that we made the statement that we celebrate the individuality and the uniqueness of our guys. I think that we would like to comply and do everything that we can to the best of our abilities, but we are who we are. The other side of this is I don’t know how we could give you anymore of some of our guys. You know Richard Sherman should get a little bit of credit here for covering for everybody here. On this football team, and all teams, there are people that are more available than others, because they’re comfortable with that, and they feel good about that. So, I think that’s what we’re talking about right here. We would love to help you out as much as possible and we’ll do everything we can to do that.”
On if he is concerned that the Seattle players who have served drug suspensions, combined with Richard Sherman’s postgame comments following the NFC Championship Game, will cause his team to develop a bad reputation:
“No, I’m really not concerned with that. I think anybody has an opportunity to say what they want to say about what’s happened in the past. I think we’re a young team that’s learning how to work with the guidelines and all of that. I think if you look back on the individuals that were involved in the PEDs and all of that kind of stuff, there’s a spread of guys from years ago and the numbers kind of add up. But I’m not concerned about where it’s going; I’m not concerned about the message. We would like to do right and get better, so we’re trying to improve and learn from everything that comes along.”
On what he believed Percy Harvin’s presence on the field could do to defenses when the Seahawks decided to target him over the offseason:
 “Well, he’s a terrific football player, with the dynamics of the tremendous speed that he has, the intensity that he brings when the ball’s in his hands – how he carries it, he runs like a running back – he’s unusually aggressive and he’s such a versatile athlete, that you have a lot of opportunities to do different things with him. So, it causes a defense to have to be on guard for him running with the football, him catching and running, and also the tremendous speed he has to get downfield deep. So, he’s rare in that aspect that he has all of those dimensions going for him. We knew it from recruiting him, we knew it from playing against him, we knew it from watching him and then we were thrilled to have the chance to put him on our team. We haven’t had the opportunity to demonstrate how that’s going to all work out and fit with our club yet, to any extent, but this will be an opportunity, in this game, to get him involved. We said the whole time, there was never a thought to build a football team around one guy; we’ve never said that and never thought that way. We just want to add him to the mix and see how that contributes to the rest of the guys, and I think he should be able to contribute in a good way.”
On the relationship between offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and offensive line/assistant head coach Tom Cable:
“It’s a great relationship. Tom is the assistant head coach and speaks to the offense regularly – Darrell does as well – Darrell calls the plays, and the two of them work together with the entire staff to organize our plan each week. We’ve developed, really, a tremendous harmony on that side of the ball. Everybody trying to contribute the best that they have to offer to the effort, and those guys do a great job. Game day, they talk regularly about what’s going on, the adjustments and the adaptations, and that’s all I could ask for. They really fit together well, and they really complement each other very well.”
On if he assembled his coaching staff using the same philosophy that he used to assemble the team, with the goal that everyone would work well together:
“Yeah, I’d be all messed up if I didn’t keep it the same. We look for people that are uniquely qualified. We have an array of guys from (different) age groups and experiences, a number of guys have been with me in the past, particularly the SC (University of Southern California) guys, but (wide receivers coach) Kippy Brown comes back to us from some history. It’s a really well rounded group that brings a lot of expertise and they’ve joined together to really share the mission that we’re after, and how we want to do it, and they’re tremendous spokesmen for what we believe in and all of that. It’s a great group and we’re very fortunate to have the guys.”