Panthers’ Greg Hardy Regrets Being Distraction To Team

Greg Hardy

Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Hardy, who exercised his right to a jury trial after he was recently convicted by a district judge in North Carolina of assaulting an ex-girlfriend, continues to practice with the Carolina Panthers and prepare for the season.

How the NFL deals with domestic abuse has been a hot topic the past week after Commissioner Roger Goodell announced a two-game suspension for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who allegedly assaulted a woman who is now his wife. On Sunday, Greg Hardy met with the news media at the Panthers’ Woffod College training camp.

Before Hardy took questions, the Panthers’ media relations department laid down restrictions that he would not address the ongoing legal case or questions peripheral to it. It was football questions only. Hardy struck to that, repeatedly.

“I’m excited to be in camp, glad to be back in the football season,” said the fifth-year pro who led the Panthers with 15 sacks last season.

Has he talked to teammates to clear the air?

“Can’t answer that question,” he said.

Has he been a distraction to the team?

“I have distracted my team, but other than that I really can’t answer that question,” he said.

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