NFL’s Most Untradeable Players

Quarterbacks are not only the most sought after commodity in the NFL, but it’s also the most important position in sports. A great quarterback hides a team’s deficiencies and poor quarterbacks expose them. To continue with our series on “The Most Untradeable Players in Sports,” we decided to take on the National Football League.

Since quarterbacks are so important we will list the Top 5 Most Untradeable Quarterbacks and then a separate list for the other positions. Here’s what we came up with at quarterback.

5) Robert Griffin, III

Why? The Redskins gave up much of their next three drafts for the rights to acquire Griffin and thus far it’s worked out with one NFC East title in just one season (after being perennial doormats for much of the last decade). Griffin is great not only on the field but also with marketing as his jersey topped the list of sales for 2012.

4) Eli Manning

Why? The Giants signal caller has already led the team to a pair of Super Bowl titles with two MVP awards to go with them, something his over-publicized brother would trade nearly anything for. At 32 years old, Eli is clearly in his prime and should have another half-decade of elite play.

3) Colin Kaepernick

Why? We know he’s only 10 starts into his career but a Super Bowl appearance in those 10 starts would make nearly any team in the league love to have the tatted superstar leading their team. Colin knows when to run with gazelle-like speed and can deliver fastballs from the pocket with relative ease. Kaepernick has an uncanny ability to avoid the big hit which will preserve his career well into the next decade.

2) Aaron Rodgers

Why? Rodgers passes the eye test for great quarterback play. He’s become so dominant that a near 4,300 yard-39 touchdown-8 interception season that he enjoyed in 2012 looks ordinary. He runs to throw, seemingly always makes the correct reads and single-handedly led his team to one Super Bowl title and a pair of NFC North division titles. At 29 years old, Rodgers is seemingly just entering his prime and should continue to be a star for years to come.

1) Andrew Luck

Why? Although Luck is only one year in to what will likely be a record-setting career, there’s simply nobody the Indianapolis Colts would trade their young signal caller for. In fact, they released the best player in their team’s history just so they could play Luck immediately and the team saw an increase of nine victories over the previous season. Andrew Luck isn’t the best quarterback in football as of this moment but he’s certainly the most untradeable.

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