NFLPA President: Owners Live Up to Higher Standard

Eric Winston
The president of the NFLPA, Eric Winston, says that team owners have to live up to a higher standard then players. He says that players and owners should be treated differently when it comes to being disciplined.

According to Pro Football Talk, Winston doesn’t understand why the discipline for an owner is compared to that of a 22-year-old kid. He says that since the owners represent the team, there’s a completely different standard.

In regards to the Jim Irsay and Indianapolis Colts situation, he says its a prime example of holding owners to a higher norm.

“Players are looking very closely at this situation,” Winston said. “They’re looking and they’re waiting to what happens.  I’ve fielded the calls and I’ve talked to the guys.  They’re not happy with the way this system works, and they’re not happy with the way the process really works. . . .  These players are going to have a very keen eye on seeing how the Commissioner deals with this and what kind of suspension or punishment, if any, ends up being leveled on Mr. Irsay.”

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