NFLPA’s Executive Director Claims Redskins Name “Racially Insensitive”

When one hears the term ‘Redskins’ in the NFL, it’s obvious for one to think of Dan Synder’s Washington Redskins franchise. In recent news, however, the team name has been regarded as inappropriate and downright racially insensitive to most, including some within the league.

DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL’s Players Association, stated yesterday that having ‘Redskins’ as a team name transmits a negative connotation about Native Americans and overall displays “racial insensitivity.” Outspoken on the situation, Smith met with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell, to discuss the possibility of changing the name of the franchise, however felt no need to inform the general public of the contents of their meeting.

DeMaurice Smith issued this statement to The Washington Post regarding the matter:

“They understand our position and I believe that those conversations are most effective when they can remain private. As I have stated publicly, though, I do not believe anyone should inflict pain, embarrass or insult, especially given the racial insensitivity of the term ‘Redskin.’ As you know, I grew up here and like all Washingtonians I became a fan of this team. The beauty of sports and of the Washington football franchise is that it will always have the ability to bring this community together, regardless of what decision is made about the team name.”

In efforts to preserve the name of the franchise, Redskins players encouraged fans to tweet Senator Harry Reid reasons why the name should stay and what the franchise means to the fans of Washington which began the Twitter storm of #RedskinsPride. When those efforts proved to be a sincere failure, according to insiders here at Sports Talk Florida, they resulted to calling upon several Native Americans for photo opportunities to display their support of the team name.

The fate of the name of the franchise is still in debate, however, rumors have begun that Senator Reid is simply participating in this ordeal for political gain and notoriety.

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