NFLPA Believes It Can Block A Move To London

NFL_NFLPA_2013As the Vikings and Steelers prepared to play last Sunday in Wembley Stadium, the periodic reports and speculation of the potential relocation of a franchise to London naturally emerged. When the Jaguars and 49ers head there later this month (assuming the Jags don’t simply fold up shop after what happens to them at Denver in 11 days), those same stories likely will once again bubble up.

But as the NFL continues to dangle the carrot of a full-time team in London, there’s one important point to keep in mind. The players believe they have the ability to block it.

More than a few players have said they’d quit football before playing for a London-based NFL team. (Though we doubt that would happen, it definitely would make it harder to lure free agents.) Per a league source, all players possibly would have the ability to block the move, through their union.