NFL: Week 15 Recap With Jay Mariotti

NFL: Week 15 Recap With Jay Mariotti

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— One outstanding team, Seattle, and a lot of skittish teams in limbo
— Failed opportunities by Dallas, Philly, NE, Cincy, New Orleans

— Somebody should be fired. This collapse was that ugly.
— Romo, Cowboys officially biggest joke in league, blow huge halftime lead
— Surest bet in league: They will self-destruct in December
— Do not defend Romo … two INTS, last 3 minutes
— Checked out of run on second INT
— Cowboys didn’t run at end, on in 2nd half, when could bleed clock
— Murray was gaining seven per carry all day
— How throw 48 times when lead 26-3, 29-10, 36-24 in second half?
— Bryant, storms off, apologizes on Twitter
— Defense continues to be god-awful
— Jones, ultimately the problem, won’t talk Garrett, blames media
— Packers win without Rodgers, get him back this week?
— Lacy, big-time RB
— Flynn bails them out again

— Would have locked down NFC East, but defense gagged again in Minnesota
— No Adrian Peterson, Gerhart, lost to Matts Cassell and Asiata. Ugh.

— After all the tumult, Dolphins positioned for playoffs
— Give Philbin credit for settling ship, amid bullying probe
— Brady’s latest comeback bid foiled
— Can’t win on road in playoffs, 20 ppg
— Cursed afterward, left early, missed Gronkowski red zone, frystrated
— Patriots blow shot at No. 1 seed, should be No. 2 seed with Cincy loss

— Had chance to get No. 2 seed, typically flopped
— Look like No. 3 AFC team, vs. Miami-Baltimore survivor
— Weren’t ready to play, 2-10 in last 12 divisional road games

— Aren’t same team on road, have to go to Carolina
— Average 33 at home, 18 on road
— May end up with No. 5 seed, on road
— Brees 3 picks, 2 in first two series, numbers way down on road
— First 7 games, Saints forced 15 TOs for 48 pts. 0 sacks, TOs Sunday, only two takeways last seven games. Bad sign.

— Host Saints next week, say they’re better
— Win next two, get No. 2 seed

— Cutler was right call, though started slowly with two INTs
— Reports of division in locker room, Glazer is Urlacher buddy
— Cutler future still up in air, won’t franchise-tag him

— Cousins, three turnovers vs. Atl defense with 5 rookies
— Seven Washington TOs, distractions in QB change
— If showcasing Cousins, shouldn’t go to OT?

— Get a taste of Super Bowl venue in seven weeks
— There was snowstorm Sat, field clear, Wilson wanted to play in snow
— 23-0 shutout, held Giants to 181
— 6-2 on road, 6-0 at home, who’s going to beat them? Maybe SF, that’s it
— Sherman admits, thought about Super Bowl in NY
— Wilson, soaring as MVP candidate, still behind Manning

— Eli, really regressing last two years, 25 more INTs
— Manning tells media to watch tape, not all his fault
— Time for overhaul
— Coughlin, does he want to be part of this?
— Lawrence Taylor says it’s time for Coughlin to go

— Maintain the course, look like No. 6 NFC seed whatever
— Kaepernick, just wins, hands ball to Gore, pass and run

— Look like No. 5 AFC seed, at Indianapolis
— Jamaal Charles, best back in league
— Reid, remarkable job, after Belcher, turnover in front office
— Defense getting healthier — threat to Denver in second round?

— Huge game, although more mediocrity
— D-Day for Jim Schwartz, job future, after Chi and GB wins
— Baltimore has struggled on road, 1-4
— Calvin Johnson, 28, called “old” by Matt Elam, 22. Dumb.

— Schiano, falling apart again. Fired Dungy, Gruden, keep him?
— Shanahan, Frazier, Munchak, Allen, Ryan

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