NFL Super Bowl 2015 Predictions: Seahawks Will Defend Title Against Colts

Super Bowl 2015

USA Today’s Nate Davis released his predictions for Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 with the possibility of the Seattle Seahawks defending their title against the Indianapolis Colts in Arizona.

While the Seahawks are completely capable of repeating last year’s impeccable performance during the regular and post seasons, sports analysts feel that it is Seattle’s quarterback, Russell Wilson, who will need to elevate his performance in order for these predictions to follow through.

Mark Brunell, retired quarterback and three-time Pro Bowler with the Jacksonville Jaguars, weighed in during ESPN’s First Take yesterday stating, “It’s hard to go into the season with a big target on your chest but, if he [Russell Wilson] can develop as a passer but be more efficient in the third down and stay in that pocket then they’ve got a chance.” Analyst, Stephen A. Smith feels as though Wilson will be asked to “do more” this season, however, believes that San Francisco’s 49ers will “take it to another level” this year and predicts they’ll finish the regular season 12-4.

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