NFL Quarterback Rankings- Who’s the Best of the Worst?

The quarterback position is the most important in sports. Either you have a guy who you believe can get you to the Super Bowl or you’re looking for the next guy. We ranked the projected NFL starting quarterbacks 1-32 and first off are numbers 25-32. It’s possible that none of these guys will be starting quarterbacks by season’s end and this could be the last stop for some. We explain in the rankings why each of the quarterbacks are in their respective positions.

25. Christian Ponder

This is a huge season for Christian Ponder as he will have to prove he’s worthy of an NFL starting quarterback job. Ponder’s responsibilities are limited in Minnesota as he has a future Hall of Fame running back to hand the ball to, and now has a legitimate number one receiver in Greg Jennings. Ponder is not asked to do much in the Vikings offense and if he can be a “game manager” the team will stick with him.

26. Michael Vick

The deficiencies in Michael Vick’s game have been exposed and as he grows older he can’t overcome them with his once unbelievable talent. Vick isn’t a pure passer and is one of the most turnover prone quarterbacks in football. He could bounce back to respectability under Chip Kelly, who is a great groomer of quarterbacks but there’s also a good chance he doesn’t make the Eagles roster.

27. Blaine Gabbert

Many people will think Blaine Gabbert at #27 is high, but Gabbert wasn’t the sole cause for the Jaguars struggles. Gabbert improved in his second NFL season (he truly only had one way to go) but the odds are stacked against him with his poor pocket presence and inability to scan the entire field. Gabbert checks down far too often and perhaps that can change this season as the Jaguars seemingly fortified their offensive line by selecting Luke Joeckel in the draft. Either way, Gabbert will have a very short leash as neither the current general manager nor head coach drafted him.

28. Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn is a virtual unknown as he’s started two NFL games in his career. So why is he ranked ahead of four quarterbacks? Well, the Raiders traded for him and decided to jettison Carson Palmer and Flynn has been stellar in those limited opportunities. Things looked bad for him last season when he was beaten out by a rookie third-round pick, but that third-round pick, Russell Wilson did special things and there’s no shame in losing a quarterback competition to a future Pro Bowler.

29. Carson Palmer

The former top-overall pick in the draft has had his career take a nose-dive following his torn ACL in a 2006 playoff game. Palmer shows flashes of what made him a Pro Bowl quarterback but far too often his overconfidence forces him to throw in traffic resulting in turnovers. Carson isn’t anywhere near the player he used to be but a change of scenery in Arizona and playing with Larry Fitzgerald should help him considerably.

30. Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden is often the butt of jokes due to his advanced age (29 years old) but his being up to eight years older than the rest of his rookie class isn’t the reason he struggled last season. Weeden has inconsistent weapons on the outside and he seemed to struggle when there wasn’t a perfectly clean pocket. Weeden doesn’t have the athleticism to improvise and should struggle again as the Browns have a similar cast at wide receiver.

31. Jake Locker

Jake Locker hasn’t shown anything worthy enough to justify his status as a former Top-10 draft pick. Still, the Titans are a team that’s rebuilding and Locker will have one more opportunity to show he’s worthy. Although athletic with a strong arm, Locker struggles in most facets of passing and would be a better signal caller if the Titans incorporate more spread-option in their offense. With Ryan Fitzpatrick as the expected backup, their will be pressure on Mike Munchak to replace Locker if and when he struggles.

32. E.J. Manuel

It’s no guarantee that E.J. Manuel will win the Bills starting quarterback job, but it’s just a matter of time before Kevin Kolb is unseated. Manuel struggled to read defenses and go through progressions in college and those struggles should be magnified during his rookie season. E.J. is fairly athletic but the Bills aren’t likely to run any spread-option with him as he isn’t as football savvy as Robert Griffin III. The Bills will struggle this season and so will E.J., making him the worst starter in the league.

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